We provide safe-rooms & shelters for protection


Whether it be a manmade threat or mother-nature, our shelters and safe-rooms will provide the security and safety you need in any violent situation.


Our unique Modular design allows us to construct shelters for all needs. We can custom construct shelters to protect 20 to 100 or more people. The modular design also allows our customers more flexibility with installation area by being able to provide a variety of configurations.

Protect your family from:

home invasions

Criminals get desperate when they need something, insure that your home has a safe space to go.

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Violent weather

Violent tornados are not new to Iowa, they are destructive to towns and people, don't be a statistic. 

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Protection from terrorist acts

terrorist acts

The world is changing and sadly we now need to prepare for terrorism in our communities.

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Why An Above Ground Shelter?


Protect your loved ones for as little as

$47 per month!